Business applications no longer sit only at the heart of an organization but have moved to the edge. The advent of smartphones, tablets and Android devices are developments heralding the onset of the real information age. The fast moving world of business demands that users at all levels of the organization have information available at their fingertips and that too on a multitude of devices so that they can take quick decisions that can be made available to others across the enterprise.

As a result, some of the most exciting advances in information technology are happening in the field of application development. These include the emergence of mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs), the rise of HTML5 and the challenge it poses to native apps, the growing demand for cloud computing and the expected expansion in wearable electronics. Agile development methodologies are also gaining currency.

Why Iris
With our strong requirement analysis skills, mature estimation processes, proven project management processes and a ready availability of technical manpower, Iris has developed a reputation of delivering applications on time and within budget.

We offer expertise in emerging specialized areas such as:
  • Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) Mobility solutions
  • Integrated workforce automation
  • Open source adaptation
Our best practices in developing applications are:
  •  Employing development methodologies such as blueprinting, prototyping, iterative development and agile techniques
  • Understanding and expressing requirements through wireframes, prototypes and technical understanding documents
  • Evaluating and selecting the correct execution approach and technologies based on the readiness of the client's priorities, processes and performance preferences
  • Architect data models and solutions conducive to rapid application development
  • Identify formal interfaces within the client organization for receiving information and securing sign-offs