Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation: Iris has made donations to this non-profit charity created to find a cause and cure for childhood brain tumors by supporting various medical research efforts. (

Hurricane Sandy affected many in the tri-State area of United States. The aftermath of this storm are still being felt. In light of this most recent event, Iris decided to cancel 2012 Holiday party in the US. On a positive note, the funds appropriated for this event have been donated to help the victims of Sandy. Iris had reached out to the victims of Sandy via the American Red Cross. On behalf of Iris, Sunil Puri, President and Sanjiv Khanna, CEO, donated money to Ms Barbara Latady, Senior Major Gifts Officer in charge of American Red Cross for Central NJ area. (

All Stars Project, Inc is a non-profit organization that promotes educational and performing arts activities for thousands of underprivileged youth in several cities including New York City, Newark, Chicago and San Francisco. (

Seva Mandir is a voluntary organization working with deprived communities in over 500 villages in south Rajasthan, India. A friends group (Friends of Seva Mandir, US) was established in May 2002 to support the organization in its work to enable the poor by improving their livelihood, health and educational status. It also seeks to bring together well-wishers of Seva Mandir to sustain their interest in the work of the organization and also their concerns for social justice all over the world. (