The financial services sector, post-2008, is at an inflection point worldwide. Regulatory changes, tectonic shifts in the marketplace, demographic upheavals, and political and social unrest have convulsed the sector. The 2008 meltdown has forced governments the world over to tighten regulations, resulting in increased costs to financial services, which have to invest millions of dollars to ensure that they comply with the new requirements. Fiscal pressures, especially the continuing liquidity crisis in the Eurozone area, are forcing the industry to diversify geographically.

Estimates are that over the next 10 years, China will overtake the US in terms of domestic credit, and that by 2050, India will boast of the third-largest domestic banking sector after China and the US. The biggest impact on the sector is expected to come from demographic changes; while many developed economies, including Europe and Japan are ageing rapidly, India and many countries in Africa and the Middle East will offer big growth opportunities thanks to their young population.

Why Iris
We have worked with several leading international financial service sector firms, helping build customized solutions in complex environments. We have also been associated with a wide gamut of companies, from leading technology companies that provide packaged software solutions to financial services firms. Focus and specialization are the key to our success in the financial services industry.