The global asset and wealth management (AWM) industry is undergoing dramatic changes as new markets, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, offer big growth opportunities. While growth is sedate in the developed world private wealth is expanding at a robust pace in emerging markets. Governments and regulators around the world are also tightening rules, and AWM players – ranging from so-called 'super-producers' in the US, offering a vast bouquet of products, to regional and local universal banks – are looking at transparent systems and solutions that meet the latest regulations.There is increasing demand from the sector for integrated governance, risk and compliance (iGRC) systems that will ensure they are able to adapt to new regulations across different geographies. What's more, digitization is bringing about rapid technological changes, and AWM service providers have to keep pace with these changes to meet the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy clientele that is in sync with the latest developments in the sector.

Why Iris
We have developed expertise in delivering front-office to back-office solutions for the firms that provide services including retail and institutional asset management, private wealth management, separately and unified managed accounts, fund management and alternative investments.

Business transformation
While the financial services industry in general and the AWM sector in particular have been early adopters of information technology solutions to manage their complex operations, Iris has worked with several leading global firms and successfully built customized solutions in complex environments.

Our work
Our deep domain knowledge and considerable technical expertise and competencies, with the capability and capacity to build scalable solutions, give our clients the confidence to address their specific challenges to meet competitive and regulatory needs.