Recent developments related to the Pandemic, Economic Sanctions and ever elongating Sourcing Chains have forced Third Party Logistics (3PL), Freight and Cargo Companies to revisit their strategies and technology solutions around Trade Partner Enablement, Customer Experience, Last Mile Service and Supply Chain Execution.

Opportunities have opened up for companies in the Freight, Cargo and 3PL spectrum to drive Competitive Advantage through Digital Experiences. These opportunities ranging from contactless chain of custody, end-to-end traceability / tracking and Partner Collaboration are changing the Logistics market place at an unprecedented pace.

Industry Leaders are continually challenged to find the right balance between cutting costs in traditional cash flow generating businesses and investing in growth areas for competitive advantage. Finding Technology partners that can help in finding such balance as leaders continually recalibrate their pushes becomes even more important in these challenging times.

Why Iris

Iris has been servicing companies in the Logistics and Cargo spectrum for 12+ years in the areas of Digital Transformation, EDI Technology, Last Mile Service and Enterprise Collaboration. Iris’ breadth of Technology services include –

  1. RFID and IOT Solutions,
  2. Digital and Application Integration,
  3. Data & Analytics,
  4. Chatbots and Service Automation,
  5. RPA and BPM, and
  6. Application Development