The global economic slowdown following the 2008 financial crisis has made the global manufacturing and logistics industry a lot leaner. Leading players have been emphasizing innovative practices and increased efficiencies to reduce costs and improve margins. Manufacturing majors are focusing on cost-cutting to improve their bottom-lines.

Inevitably, this means investing significant amounts in upgrading their information technology infrastructure by deploying state-of-the-art techniques and tools, ranging from RFID implementation to ERP rationalization. The high cost of technology has also resulted in collaborative innovation, where manufacturers are tying up with other vendors in bringing about much-needed changes in their processes.

The ongoing shift in manufacturing activities from the developed world to emerging economies, including China, is also accelerating. But worried about the 'export' of manufacturing jobs to Asia, leading Western economies (including the US and the 27-nation European Union) have initiated talks on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal. Dubbed "the biggest bilateral trade deal in history",  it promises to revive manufacturing in the developed world.

Why Iris
We have years of experience of working on turnkey IT projects and staffing solutions with virtual companies, vertically-integrated manufacturers and continuous process industries. Our manufacturing industry experience orchestrates a breadth of technology services – from RFID implementation to ERP rationalization – with significant experience in enterprise package implementation, support and integration, supply chain product implementation, EDI integration, and engineering design services.

Manufacturing companies are faced with challenges such as implementing lean manufacturing, region-specific procurement strategies, greater competition from global companies and higher costs of raw material.

Iris offers deep experience in numerous vertical industry sectors including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer goods, automotive and transportation.