07 Jun 2010

Iris Software Designs Mobile Trading Platform for TD Ameritrade

User Experience Enhanced with Faster Execution, Compatibility with Multiple Devices

Edison, N.J.: Iris Software has designed and implemented a novel trading and brokerage management platform for use on mobile devices for Omaha, Nebraska-based TD Ameritrade, a leading online brokerage services firm. As a result, the new platform has resulted in a multifold increase in the number of users and trades executed by its customers since its launch in fall 2009. Those customers were encouraged by a more satisfying user experience in transacting trades on their mobile devices with faster execution of trades and the ability to trade in more types of securities.

Consistent User experience on multiple mobile devices
Iris Software faced a complex and challenging task as it conceived TD Ameritrade’s mobile device trading platform in early 2009. TD Ameritrade had earlier used a legacy mobile trading platform that was text-based but needed to be made more intuitive and user friendly. It also had to incorporate a whole array of new features to provide a common user experience across multiple new devices such as the Blackberry, the iPhone and Win Mobile phones with different operating systems, form factors and screen resolutions. Iris also had to identify the best aspects and features of Web-based, desktop and mobile platforms that would eventually work on mobile devices.

Iris successfully implemented the project in two phases. In the first phase, it conducted a detailed analysis of TD Ameritrade’s requirements and designed the mobile trading platform working closely with the company’s teams. In the second phase, Iris put together a proof of concept on the next-generation platform. That then went through several iterations and reviews by TD Ameritrade’s centralized architecture group before the platform’s design was finalized, and Iris then developed and implemented the solution in a nationwide rollout.

To implement the project, Iris deployed a dedicated team of visual designers, software architects and developers, quality assurance and testing personnel and project managers. It also developed a unique testing methodology to work on as many as 60 different devices.

About Iris Software
Iris Software has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in its industry today. Iris' revenues have clocked a compounded annual growth rate of more than 35% in the past three years. Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, Iris has other offices in New York City and Stamford, Connecticut; and an offshore development center in New Delhi, India.

Iris Software counts among its long-time clientele companies including Ernst &Young, PepsiCo, TD Ameritrade, Barclays, Nomura, Thomson Reuters and UBS. Recent “logo additions” include Johnson & Johnson, Synthes, KPMG and HSBC, among others.

Over the past two decades, Iris Software has acquired strong expertise in applications for areas including supply chain solutions, trading platforms and electronic data discovery. It is now strengthening its offerings for clients in pharmaceuticals, investment banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and logistics.

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