28 Mar 2011

Supreme Oil Extracts Performance Efficiencies with Iris Software's Solutions

The edible oils and condiments maker finds inorganic growth now more manageable

Edison, N.J.: From its roots as an entrepreneurial supplier of vegetable oils in the shortages that followed World War II, Supreme Oil Company of Englewood, N.J. today runs modern, high-manufacturing operations in three states. Powering the 66-year-old Supreme Oil to achieve production and operational efficiencies through its expansion are technology solutions developed by Iris Software of Edison, N.J.

Supreme Oil is a leading contract manufacturer for leading brands of edible oil and oil-based condiments such as mayonnaise, mustard, margarine, unsalted butter, etc. It has grown its manufacturing capacity in recent years through acquisitions of companies in Brundidge, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee, in addition to its operations in Englewood. However, those acquisitions necessitated the bridging of gaps in the expanded company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, especially in logistics for shipment tracking and order fulfillment.

Supreme Oil tapped Iris Software in 2010 to help identify the gaps in its operational systems, understand how to overcome them and finally develop solutions to address them. Iris tackled the challenge by building discrete components in a services-based ERP model to make Supreme Oil an integrated operation across its three locations.

Significant Productivity, Labor Savings
Iris extended Supreme Oil's existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems with custom interfaces and applications to meet the company's specific business requirements. The unified systems that Iris built to enable uniform processes helped Supreme Oil transition from a manual, paper-based system to one that is automated in the Logistics and Order processing areas of its business. These have resulted in significant labor savings and productivity improvements. For example, after the new systems were implemented, inventory reconciliation times have fallen by up to 35% and order fulfillment accuracy has increased to 99.99% from previous levels of about 90%.

Encouraged by the results, Supreme Oil's parent company Admiration Foods has retained Iris Software to augment and manage the improvements on a continuing basis. Using its managed team model engagement methodology, Iris Software expects to continue addressing Supreme Oil's business needs as the company grows organically and inorganically in the years ahead.

About Iris Software
Iris Software has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in its industry today. Iris' revenues have clocked a compounded annual growth rate of more than 35% in the past three years. Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, Iris has other offices in New York City and Stamford, Connecticut; and an offshore development center in New Delhi, India.

Iris Software counts among its long-time clientele companies including Ernst & Young, PepsiCo, TD Ameritrade, Barclays, Nomura, Thomson Reuters and UBS. Recent “logo additions” include Johnson & Johnson, Synthes, KPMG and HSBC, among others.

Over the past two decades, Iris Software has acquired strong expertise in applications for areas including supply chain solutions, trading platforms and electronic data discovery. It is now strengthening its offerings for clients in pharmaceuticals, investment banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and logistics.

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