An essential enabler which is pivotal to the Iris Advantage is the Iris Screening process. To assist our clients in acquiring high quality IT talent on demand, in the shortest possible time, Iris takes the following 7 steps as a defined and repeatable process after the job requirement is clearly understood and defined:

Shortlist – Our dedicated technical team set out to pre-screen and ultimately shortlist several candidates from IrisSELECT and various other networking tools. Iris is proud to state that over 90% of our technical recruiting team possesses degrees in engineering. This group of technical specialists set out to short list the candidates with the best fit in the shortest amount of time.

Initial Screening – It starts with a simple phone call but the conversation quickly turns technical to assess availability, interest and skill level, and domain expertise.

Technical evaluation/IrisTech – Our home grown online tech evaluation tool with over 50 different technologies covered. Questions are updated periodically with inputs from industry experts. This custom framework also allows for new tests to be created and conducted with client's requirements in mind.