Automatic identification (auto ID) refers to technologies and processes for automatic data collection and identification, such as radio-frequency identification (RFID), bar codes, magnetic stripes and biometric identification. Of these technologies barcodes and magnetic stripes are already ubiquitous. RFID usage is already pervasive in Retail of Apparel and Electronics. RFID adoption by other industries is in various stages of maturity.       

Today nearly every product in a supermarket, department or mass merchandise store bears a barcode. Barcodes have evolved from Linear – the familiar bars and spaces typically read by laser scanners – to 2D Matrix codes – as seen on most Postal envelopes and Advertisements. Barcode recognition is now commonly available in Cameras, Smartphones and Tablets. An entire new market segment has emerged around the convergence of Smart phones, Cameras, Social Media and Advertisements.  

RFID technology has received a huge boost with several industries now joining the early adopters like Walmart, US Department of Defense and EAD. A Frost & Sullivan report estimates that the global passive RFID market will expand to $11.6 billion in 2018, from less than $1billion in 2004.

From a Corporate perspective, RFID needs to be thought of as an accurate data collection mechanism for Inventory Management, Inventory Control and Traceability of process. When correctly implemented, RFID has shown a dramatic and long-lasting impact on Operational Gearing and reduces direct labor costs. 

Why Iris
Iris is a recognized partner for companies that are at various stages of Auto-ID adoption. Iris has assisted over 100 companies and has a track record of numerous successful implementations ranging from Packaging, to Field Inventory Management. Iris has over 70 professionals who are actively involved in the delivery of RFID-based solutions.

Our Auto-ID practice includes a wide range of value-added services in developing and implementing software solutions, such as:

  • Solutions for integrating Barcodes, Smartphone Cameras and Social Media
  • Application software that incorporates RFID technology and processes RF-enabled data
  • Integration software that integrates software applications with an RFID infrastructure
  • Device interfaces and device-based software for enablement of RFID devices
  • Special-purpose solutions that combine RFID and other technologies to solve uncommon and unique challenges
  • Certification test services that follow standards such as epcGlobal/GS1 for adherence and compliance
  • Development of special-purpose dedicated teams to address ongoing lifecycle needs on RFID-enabled software