Hungry for Exploiting Data

Data explosion is here with no turning back. Every organization yearns to be data-driven, to maximize value from data. And they are not seeking that value from the historical view of organizational performance. Instead they crave value from data for impacting their future performance.

How? By aligning services and products directly to customer requirements (read increased revenue) and by relying on a process that delivers value-added services at optimized price tag (read lower cost and higher margins). As all organizations are looking for intelligent insights, the explosion of data has allowed them to harness its power for such insights at impressive speeds.

Data is the glue for all initiatives of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics. Successful organizations have exceptional data strategy and a well-defined process to monetize the data. Iris partners with customer organizations in executing data strategies with innovative solutions and global services.

Big Data and Analytics

Iris offers comprehensive services in Data and Analytics.

Our services include competencies across Data Management, Business Intelligence & Visualization and Data Science: Machine Learning (ML), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Advanced Analytics. In Data Analytics and AI, our services produce digital transformations.

Complemented by technology competencies on cloud and IoT, our solutions and services generate transformative value to our clients.
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Data Management

Transforming to a Modern Data Architecture

Four major drivers for shifting to a Modern Data Architecture are …

  • Ever-growing data volumes
  • Old delays in data distribution
  • New demands for instantaneous turnaround times
  • Movement of data to the cloud

Iris has built a framework that helps organizations transform their traditional data applications — Operational Data Stores (ODSs), Data Warehouses, other data platforms and practices within data warehousing and enterprise data management — to a Modern Data Architecture. The framework covers transformation across the dimensions of Data Sources & Types, Data Formats, Data Delivery, Data and Design Pattern, Data Landscape and Governance.

Big Data, Data Lakes

As users expand and modernize their Data applications, many are migrating to Big Data applications for its ability to store and process huge amounts of any kind of data—and fast. Iris is partnering with customer Organizations in building domain-based centralized Data Lakes including provisioning for a raw, unrefined view of data to data scientists and analysts for further discovery and analytics. Iris has a dedicated focus on and expertise in solutions and services on Big Data with petabyte-scale implementations. Our consultants execute such implementations with deep skills across Cloudera and Hortonworks distributions and Big Data skills of Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Spark, Yarn, Oozie, etc. Back To Top

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Business Intelligence and Visualization

To cope with the information overload, organizations are turning to the automation of intuitive reports, dashboards, scorecards and insightful visualizations. A strong team of BI / Visualization experts with an intimate understanding of data is helping customers transform their legacy enterprise reporting platforms. The result is a modern business intelligence solution with smart dashboards and visualizations.Back To Top

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Data Science

Businesses in all sectors are joining Data and Analytics practitioners to leverage data science and AI in their solutions. Iris has a mature team of Data Scientists who design innovative solutions with a new set of tools and technologies across ML, NLP and advanced analytics.

Iris has helped firms implement Data Science with an industry, domain-specific catalog of ‘use cases’. The catalog has helped us support customer initiatives from conceptualization through Proof of Concept and full implementations. With an integrated team, furthermore, we have successfully applied data science to great advantage in solving challenges in Data, Business Intelligence implementations like Report Rationalization and creation of Data catalogs. Back To Top

Leading-Edge Capabilities

Now for your Data & Analytics initiatives, leverage a world-class global team of practitioners with Iris solution accelerators and subject matter experts.