Cloud Integration Services

Computing in the Cloud, using Cloud for storage, using SaaS applications and otherwise leveraging the Cloud to gain a competitive advantage is rapidly becoming the ‘new normal’ in business. Yet within each business, there are pockets of users and other line functions that depend on legacy infrastructure and applications. It is in these pockets and line functions where Cloud adoption, Cloud engineering and Cloud application development services are required.

Iris has been assisting customers migrate to and adopt Cloud.

The drivers to consider Cloud are among the following –

  1. Service Conversion: Converting monolithic applications into Services and/or Microservices,
  2. Global Scale: Making an existing application available to a globally distributed user base,
  3. Reduce Data Center costs: Adopting cloud as a means of reducing costs associated with Data Centers,
  4. Agile Processes: Adopting agile to become more efficient and innovative sometimes leads to adoption of cloud for faster go to market, and
  5. Reducing tech debt: Converting legacy applications to being cloud native applications using DevOps and containers, reduces tech debt.
Iris’ cloud offerings include the following service streams –

  1. Cloud Application & Digital Capability Stream:

    1. Design and Development of Micro Services, APIs, and Cloud native Digital applications
    2. Cloud Adoption Roadmap for legacy Applications and Infrastructure, and
    3. Remediating existing Cloud Applications.

  2. Cloud Engineering & Digital Operations Stream:

    1. DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering,
    2. Cloud based System & Application Integration, and
    3. Application & Data Security.

Iris has expertise in delivering value to our customers on the Azure, AWS and Pivotal cloud platforms. Iris’ experience ranges from Multi-Cloud Application Development / Migration to Cloud based Data / Big Data and Analytics platform engineering.

Iris’ experience in delivering value to customers using a Global Delivery Model allows for enhanced customer experience at a competitive cost. Our team of experienced Cloud Architects, Engineers, Developers, Testers and Account Management professionals work to deliver projects on time and exceed customer expectations.

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