Cloud computing is radically transforming the information technology landscape the world over as a growing number of companies use the cloud to streamline processes, gain visibility and reduce costs. Organizations can avoid upfront large capital investments in data centers and application purchases and replace it with monthly costs based on usage. The ability to modify capacity by provisioning additional resources or releasing idle resources on demand allows organizations to manage their monthly expenses and yet meet operational parameters.

This is why demand for cloud-based applications is soaring globally. According to estimates by Gartner, revenues from cloud services added up to less than $50 billion in 2008; by the end of 2020, they are expected to top $250 billion. Driving the frenzied growth of cloud services is the proliferation of mobile devices and the consequent demand for pervasive and responsive applications.

This demand for Pervasive cloud-based applications in turn is driving the growth of offerings from leading Software OEMs in the aPaaS and iPaaS space. Early adopters of Cloud Technology are now embracing the 'Containers and Dockers' trend to rapidly deploy and scale. Iris has extensive experience in several cloud technologies including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 


For a number of companies using Microsoft’s Azure cloud is a logical extension of their engagement with Microsoft technologies such as MS Office, SharePoint and Windows Servers. According to the Gartner report of May, 2015, Azure is the #2 ranked provider of Cloud Services and Infrastructure. Iris has developed applications with Web Roles and Worker Roles using both Cloud VMs and Services since 2011.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the #1 ranked provider of Cloud Services and Infrastructure. Amazon has provided more computing capacity to its customers than the remaining cloud providers combined. Iris has developed a variety of Web Applications using AWS since 2013.

Why Iris

Iris understands the challenges of ISVs and Technology organizations in Fortune 1000 companies that are embracing the cloud. Navigating the complex path of Migration, net new Application Development and enabling SaaS requires a combination of skills - Application Development, Security best practices and Project Management experience. Iris has such experience with multiple Technology-enabled Service providers, ISVs and end-Users spanning platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and IBM. Iris provides the following services to its customers and prospects –