DevOps Automation

Less than 10 years since its inception, DevOps is now acknowledged as a necessity to deliver digital capabilities at a faster rate to businesses. DevOps is not only a set of integrated processes that impacts applications, it is also a cultural, procedural and structural change to Software Development, IT and Infrastructure teams that makes an immediate impact on business by lowering operational cost, reducing downtime and minimizing tech debt. Each business has its unique challenges in modernizing applications and changing team culture.

Iris has been assisting customers in adopting and managing DevOps since 2012.

Our customers’ drivers for adopting DevOps are –

  1. Making faster releases of legacy applications to keep up with business changes,
  2. Reducing Environment downtime that prevent testing of applications,
  3. Adopting cloud infrastructure, and
  4. Pursuing a Platform strategy for a line of business applications.
Iris offers the following services to its customers and prospects desires of starting or expanding their DevOps footprint –

  1. DevOps Advisory & Consulting,
  2. DevOps Implementation, and
  3. DevOps for Cloud Adoption and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Iris has experience in delivering DevOps solutions using technologies like Jenkins, Ansible and other technologies from leading vendors like IBM, Nexus, Pivotal, etc.

Iris’ team of experienced DevOps and Automation Engineers, Testers and Architects are committed to exceeding customer commitments.

Iris offers services across entire SDLC i.e. designing and Developing Software, including DevOps and DevSecOps services, as well as, the DevOps service alone.