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Intelligent Automation Services

Intelligent Automation is visible in every aspect of business today. Whether it is automating portions of a business process or automating portions of the software lifecycle, automation is everywhere and is delivering value. Iris’ customers are in various stages of adopting and enhancing automation as it applies to their business and technology spectrums.

Iris’ Automation services fall in one of the following categories –

  1. Software Lifecycle Automation
  2. Process Automation.

  1. Software Lifecycle Automation: Business users require IT Organizations to make frequent Release of Digital capabilities that are reliable and unique. Iris offers these automation services to help IT Organizations make rapid releases – Test Automation, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment automation and Software Reliability Engineering Automation.

  2. Process Automation: Business users are increasingly relying on automation to reduce turnaround times, increase customer satisfaction and increase returns on investment. Iris offers these services to assist our customers along their automation journey – Process Study/Modeling, configuring/customizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Digitizing Workflows using BPM/custom applications, Advanced Analytics, Application Integration and Implementation of Cognitive / AI / ML applications.

Since Software development processes and Business processes change very often, Iris offers its customers Managed Services to continually monitor processes and improve them.

Iris has successfully delivered transformational eSolutions to its customers to increase speed of execution, lowering error rates, improving predictability and reducing costs.