Worldwide smartphone shipments are forecast to grow 40 percent year over year to more than one billion units this year and 1.7 billion units in 2017. According to estimates by different agencies, between 80 billion and 100 billion mobile applications will be downloaded globally in 2013. This explosion in powerful smartphones and tablets has opened a vista of opportunities in how businesses can connect and engage with their customers. Businesses must now find new and innovative ways to build brands and extend their services to beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar and electronic mediums.

The new computing platform comes with its own set of new and old challenges. The new need is to enable 'information at your fingertips'. Enterprises can extend their back-office systems by utilizing handhelds at the point of activity, thus enabling them to offer increased levels of customer service and satisfaction, and employee efficiency and productivity. Enterprises must meet the changing user habits of their customers while addressing key concerns of availability of service, information security, etc.

Why Iris
With global experience in developing applications across various platforms, Iris brings to the table a proven implementation methodology with an emphasis on standards and processes. We have built dedicated centers of excellence around the popular smartphone platforms, and developed and ported applications across various platforms:
  • Mobile-Web
  • Native applications
  • Co-existing applications across mobile, Web and desktop platform
Iris' best practices in mobile application development includes:
  • Cross-platform development capability
  • Expertise in enterprise integration
  • Execution excellence expressed through a rapid response culture
  • Design of intuitive and powerful modern interfaces
  • Capability to build teams that can deliver production-worthy applications in less than 12 weeks