Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management and lets marketers control and improve the user experience by virtue of rich Sitecore analytics.

Sitecore helps organize and manage content workflow, enhance productivity & brand value, improve communications, speed up time to market and reduce costs by addressing these challenges.

  • Manage and Optimize your Digital Content Experience (Globalize, Localize, Personalize)
  • Multi-Channel Customer Outreach – by extending Digital Experience to All Customer Touch Points
  • Integrate with Social Media Tools 
  • Extract Insight from Analytics - Web, Social & Mobile 
  • Extend Your Web Experience to Mobile Devices
  • Deploy efficiently and rapidly onto your production sites
  • Extend to Manage Marketing Campaigns and E-Commerce

  • Iris is an experienced provider of Digital Content management and Digital Experience Management solutions using the Sitecore platform. 

    Iris’ Sitecore centric services including implementation, consulting, migration, mobility solutions, social media integration, web analytics, search integration. These offerings include:

  • Implementation is the first step of our customers’ journeys with Sitecore. We have completed several Sitecore implementations and follow best practices to ensure our customers’ site is up and running in the shortest periods possible.
  • Content migration is necessary to make apparent to the Users a good implementation. We have developed multiple tools and utilities to ensure that the data extraction from legacy Source systems and inserting of content to the Sitecore target properties is smooth. 
  • Ecommerce & Mobile enablement of our customer’s web properties to ensure our customers are able to connect with their consumers.
  • Customer Engagement and Digital Management using latest Sitecore features to allow our customers to personalize content, maximize conversion and increase ROI. 
  • System & Application Integration to enable Omni-channel strategies and harden Ecommerce & Content Publishing with Web properties.

  • For more information contact via Email: [email protected]