In an age when multiple channels and devices are being used to deliver applications, testing and quality assurance (QA) assumes great significance, because companies have to ensure that end-users accessing the applications on smartphones, tablets and other devices are insulated from errors, poor performance and security vulnerabilities. It is estimated that testing and QA accounts for nearly a quarter of IT spend.

Organizations are being increasingly impacted by shorter product lifecycles, changing business requirements and evolving user requirements. To meet these challenges, companies are opting for the outsourced managed testing services model, which helps reduce the cost of failures and simultaneously improves time to market.

Why Iris
Outsourced testing calls for well-defined processes that fully integrate into the product development lifecycle. It should be flexible enough to be used tactically for a specific limited objective or strategically as a continual deployment. Iris' mature competencies in testing services help customers mitigate problems associated with this specialized branch of software engineering.

We offer the following testing services:
  • QA advisory and management
  • Independent V&V
  • Specialized testing

As part of specialized testing, Iris provides test automation services to enhance productivity levels by creating automated test suites and building a custom automated test environment for the target software.

Iris Testing competencies have earned international recognition as a leader in sustainable practices in the testing area. Not only does this team work with the latest processes, tools and technology, but also shape themselves as a team of professionals who are out to lead and reshape testing practices in the customers they touch. At Iris Software, we take great pride in ensuring that our testing team is ISTQB-certified. Please visit to learn more.