The financial sector faces challenges in meeting regulatory and business record-keeping requirements, given the multiplicity of regulators and the demand to retain records, not just of web transactions but also social media platforms. Regulators such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) insist that there be no compliance grace period for new technologies.

It thus becomes critical for firms to have a robust records retention system for their external and internal websites and social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, streaming media, personalization, blogs, chats, wikis, etc.

Why Iris
We have designed and developed FINRA 2210 and 10-06 compliant Web Record Retention Solutions, which have helped our clients meet regulatory record retention requirements for their various sites and social media content. The benefits are:
  • Ability to meet demands for regulatory compliance
  • Lower administrative burden in supporting the retention requirements
  • Ability to store, retrieve and view a web record as it was displayed to a customer
  • Indexed for fast retrieval providing operational efficiency in the overall system
The solution harvests our client’s investment website periodically and in automated fashion. Key features include:
  • Configuration: To configure target URLs, tag SM&A content, define storage locations, etc.
  • Record capture: Capture and save web pages along with digital assets (audio, video, animated graphics, PDF, flash files)
  • Record versioning: For pages, assets captured in a specific download
  • Indexing: Extracted content is indexed and cataloged by date for future retrieval
  • Record retention: Captured content and assets are stored in WORM (Write Once Read Many) file storage
  • Record retrieval: Search and retrieve assets from storage
  • Software retention: Allows association of file type list with native software packages
The Content Capture & Retention solution is based on NET, MS SQL Server and Iris’ proprietary utilities.

To know more about how our customers are using this solution, please contact [email protected]