Most lending operations teams have no single integrated platform that monitors and tracks the lending processes end-to-end.Therefore, identifying what is working well and what is not is a significant challenge!
You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Until You Know It

Simplifying a process that is already running at its optimal performance is a very difficult goal. One of the key obstacles that comes in the way of improving processes is the complex IT ecosystem that exists in Lending processes. Almost all bank’s lending processes involve several systems; but only few of these systems actually provide data to track and monitor processes performance. It is therefore a daily struggle to collate all this disparate data coming from all these systems and make sensible decisions.
Bottom line - The metrics that are produced today do not quantify true performance of the lending unit.Further, if the same incorrect metrics and data is used, it leads to improper capacity planning and processing delays.

Introducing Prompt – Insights

Prompt is a solution that helps organizations benchmark and improve their lending processes, which further enhances customer experience. This solution is specifically designed for commercial lending operations and provides an integrated view of lending processes. Prompt integrates process data from all underlying lending applications to provide accurate and complete operations metrics. Prompt metrics help simplify and improve the processes.

Key Features
  1. Pre-built customizable metrics for KPI to give organization a jumpstart to measuring process performance
  2. Rules-based alerts to spot bottlenecks and to take remediate action
  3. Drilldowns to the actual processing problem
  4. Customizable to select the right charts and benchmark data yourself
  5. On-demand or scheduled reports on FTE productivity and process performance
  6. Role and permissions driven access
  7. Low cost with no special hardware or software
  1. Accuracy: Accurate forecasting and resourcing plan for future growth and realignments
  2. Customer Satisfaction: Speeds up the operations processes
  3. Efficiency: Identify weak spots, gaps and training needs in the process
  4. Transparency: Identify, track and manage end to end work process
  5. Productivity: Use metrics to manage FTE work load effectively
Why Iris?
  1. Our Capabilities
    1. Feature-rich, Scalable Solution
    2. Powerful data ingestion framework
    3. Lending industry knowledge and best practices
    4. Tried and tested solution
  2. Our Execution Excellence
    1. Technology Agnostic
    2. Mature Delivery Organization
    3. Open and Transparent Interaction

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