• Vision to Reality

    Operating @ the intersection of business and technology

  • Speed-to-Market

    Delivering business value through speed and agility

  • Execution Excellence

    Orchestration that gets it right every time

  • Predictable Outcomes

    Deliverables that consistently meet expectations

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

    Inclusive. Consultative. Conversations

  • Team Building for Success

    A ladder for professional growth

  • Robust analytics platform
  • Iris developed an analytics platform to provide continuous bond pricing based on current market data thus enabling real-time pricing of US Treasuries.pdf

  • Testing Dodd Frank Mandatory Clearing
  • Iris tested the implementation of Dodd-Frank rules for Mandatory Clearing of non-deliverable Currency Forward contracts and Currency Options.pdf

  • Testing derivatives on live streaming prices
  • Iris tested the implementation of derivatives options and FIX connectivity on a proprietary trading platform.pdf

  • SEF Trading Mandate for Interest Rate Swaps
  • Iris tested the integration of Swap Execution Facility (SEF) for trading Interest Rate Swaps designated as Made-Available-To-Trade (MAT).pdf

  • Consolidating Public Finance Deals
  • Iris created a Portal for a Municipal Finance Bond underwriting desk to consolidate deal information, automate business processes and improve deal visibility.pdf

  • Ion Platform Integration and Administration
  • Iris manages an ION platform that forms the backbone for its customer’s fixed income electronic trading infrastructure. The dedicated team plans, commissions, integrates, customizes and configures over 900 ION components running in three different environments distributed globally.pdf

  • Reference Data Services Platform
  • Iris created a security reference data warehouse as a common repository for use by several fixed income applications and services to execute trades with better quality and accuracy.pdf

  • Speeding Up Sales - Trade enquiry to execution
  • Iris leveraged its iDAV framework to develop a Sales Order Management System that auto-matches investor’s enquiries with existing offerings or holdings facilitating faster trade execution.pdf

  • Conquering the cloud
  • Iris developed a multi-device mobile ticketing and permitting application that seamlessly integrated with local government systems using cloud technology for more efficient law enforcement.pdf

  • Creating a data repository
  • Iris created a Managed Accounts data repository to help sales and marketing managers develop deeper insights into the client firms and individual investors they serve.pdf

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