• Vision to Reality

    Operating @ the intersection of business and technology

  • Speed-to-Market

    Delivering business value through speed and agility

  • Execution Excellence

    Orchestration that gets it right every time

  • Predictable Outcomes

    Deliverables that consistently meet expectations

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

    Inclusive. Consultative. Conversations

  • Team Building for Success

    A ladder for professional growth

  • Creating a data repository
  • Iris created a Managed Accounts data repository to help sales and marketing managers develop deeper insights into the client firms and individual investors they serve.pdf

  • Mobile Document Delivery
  • Iris created and deployed an application that allowed users to browse relevant and up-to-date information on the client’s product portfolio on iPad devices.pdf

  • Expedited Service Fulfillment
  • Iris created a SharePoint portal for a top audit, tax and advisory firm to drive up market development.pdf

  • Mobile Application for Clinical Trials
  • Iris developed a mobile app to capture clinical trials data on a life-saving drug.pdf

  • Advisor Data Scrub and Clean
  • Iris deployed its data management portal for enhancing financial advisor data to provide better visibility for the firm on the revenue generated through broker/dealers.pdf

  • Consolidating Public Finance Deals
  • Iris created a Portal for a Municipal Finance Bond underwriting desk to consolidate deal information, automate business processes and improve deal visibility.pdf

  • Meeting regulatory needs for Web Content Retention and Recall
  • Iris leveraged its Web Record Retention Framework to deliver a solution that complied with FINRA 2210 and 10-06 rules.pdf

  • Conquering the cloud
  • Iris developed a multi-device mobile ticketing and permitting application that seamlessly integrated with local government systems using cloud technology for more efficient law enforcement.pdf

  • Tags for a quick turnaround
  • Iris’ Sense and Response (SnR) Framework helped a leading medical device company improve management of their inventory and accelerate product shipment to customers.pdf

  • Robust analytics platform
  • Iris developed an analytics platform to provide continuous bond pricing based on current market data thus enabling real-time pricing of US Treasuries.pdf

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