Irisian Richa Jain wins top honor

Irisian Richa Jain wins top honor

Richa was ranked among the Top 100 People Managers in a Forbes-Great Manager Institute study.

Recently, in a study by Forbes India and Great Manager Institute, our Senior Project Manager Richa Jain was named among the Top 100 Great People Managers. More than 6,300 managers – men and women -- from 1,100 companies participated in this survey in mid-2020.

“The focus on development and learning are aspects I have pursued and imbibed at Iris, said Richa. “Employees are motivated to pursue various qualifications which help further their growth.”

Richa explained the selection process for the award. The first round of screening had about 50 Iris managers the company had nominated, and the selections are based on feedback from their teams. Each team responded to surveys with about 40 open-ended questions.

In the second round, each nominee provided examples of best practices s/he follows along with evidence. “The best practices covered aspects such as how you connect, develop and inspire your teams so that they stay focused, motivated all the time,” Richa said. Forty-five days later, in October 2020, the results were out, naming her as one of the 100 winners.

Richa said she had always received “good feedback on being a people person,” but “the management part  is something I totally learned at Iris.” One may have certain inherent qualities that make them a people person, she continued. “But management is something you learn with experience and exposure,” she said. “I got that experience at Iris, and that was a plus point.”


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