Join us at the Women in Payments Symposium 2023

Women in Payments Symposium October 2023

Meet Pallavi Bhargava, Client Partner, at the Symposium in Toronto, Canada to learn about advanced technology solutions for the banking, financial services, and payments industries.

Each year, the Global Association of Women Leaders in Payments hosts annual forums in several regions around the world for women payments professionals to connect, share ideas, learn the latest trends and challenges in fintech and the payments market, and to advance change. These annual events usually feature a theme as well as presentations and workshops with many of the industry’s top female leaders.

Pallavi Bhargava, Client Partner, is attending the Women in Payments Symposium 2023 in Toronto, Canada at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel on October 11 and 12. She will be available there and afterward to discuss how Iris Software’s capabilities help organizations in the payments industry realize the benefits of future-ready technology.

The theme of this Symposium is Future Focus. One of the session introductions nicely expresses why: “Banks and businesses…have embarked on a modernization journey, trying to re-imagine their systems and get ready for the world of tomorrow. While each institution has paved their own path, all are seeking common goals; integration into new technologies, cost reduction, improved risk and security management, and operational efficiency and many are yet to start.”

With the continual growth and evolvement of e-commerce, digital currencies, real-time payments, security, liquidity, and fintech, many banks and financial services and payment providers are applying emerging technologies in automation, cloud adoption, and advanced data & analytics to future-proof their businesses.  

As an experienced provider of data engineering, enterprise analytics, automation, cloud, DevOps and integration solutions to banks and financial services companies that provide payment card processing and transactions, Iris is knowledgeable about the rapid advances in these areas and leveraging accelerators like AI/ML and NLP.

Further, Iris is PCIDSS 4.0 certified to ensure robust cyber security and compliance for our clients. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard applies to all entities involved in payment card processing, as well as all other entities that store, process, or transmit cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data.

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