Unified AML proves to be a game changer

Global bank overcomes AML monitoring challenges and saves $1M in infrastructure costs with a unified front end


A top 5 global bank


Create a unified platform for anti-money laundering functions, analytics, and compliance implementations

Tools and technologies

Angular 5, Java, Open Shift, and DevOps


The client expanded its fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring functions, involving multiple lines of business and 15,000 employees. The scaled system led to the lack of standardization of frameworks and resultant adoption of disjointed, manual-intensive, and high-cost AML technology. The ongoing disconnect hindered the efforts of automating, consolidating and implementing AML functions, enterprise analytics, and regulatory compliance efficiently throughout the organization.


Iris optimized existing operations and technology investments by developing and implementing a unified point of access for the discrete AML functions, featuring micro-front-end architecture. Engineered to be horizontally scalable through containerization with common authentication and authorization gateways, the single user interface (UI) allows onboarding and control of multiple extended AML functions, including visualization of metrics.


The solution amplified efficiencies and reduced costs through the automated system and seamless exchanges of information. Significant outcomes included:
  • Hassle-free transition from multiple to a single UI
  • Unified, streamlined user experiences with more effective sessions
  • Creation of standardized deployment procedures for AML rules and applications
  • Saving of nearly $1M on infrastructure costs
  • Reduced infrastructure maintenance time
  • Frictionless migration of applications to the cloud

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