Phased API migration benefits leading logistics company

Phased migration of Boomi APIs to Apigee helps a leading logistics company improve performance and scale without business disruption.

A leader in truck transportation and logistics services
Migrate Boomi-based logistics APIs to improve performance and scalability
Technology Tools
Apigee, Boomi, Swagger, JMeter, Postman, GCP
Business Challenge

The client's existing Boomi Atom platform with logistics APIs had lifecycle and monitoring issues, with frequent and elongated downtimes, causing customer experience challenges.

The system did not support the logging of events, and API transactions were untraceable. Identifying the number of customers facing issues and incidents when APIs were not working was difficult. The absence of alerting mechanisms, scalability concerns, and the Boomi platform's high licensing costs were other critical challenges.

An optimized API governance system was required to provide an abstraction for the backend services, security, and efficiencies around rate limiting, quotas, and analytics.


Iris strategized the smooth transition of 250+ Boomi APIs, starting with 20 in the pilot phase. The entire migration was planned to occur in four waves.

First, the pseudocode of Boomi APIs was documented and reviewed. The team then developed proxies in Apigee X following a TDD (Test-driven Development) approach. A well-defined logging framework was provided to the client for capturing appropriate parameters for tracking API calls.

Seamless migration of API keys from Boomi API Management (APIM) to Apigee X apps was performed. Network routing at F5 for the individual proxies was implemented to transfer the traffic from Boomi to Apigee post migration in each wave. Process metering, monitoring, and adherence/compliance hooks were inserted into the system.


Our API migration solution delivered the following outcomes:

  • Improved performance and scalability by 30%
  • Centralized logging and alerting for both APIM and backend systems resulting in 40% MTTR (Mean Time for Ticket Resolution)
  • Apigee analytics enablement for API traffic, request latency, response time, target errors, and transaction revenue analysis
  • Enablement of API discovery, monetization, registration, partner onboarding, and governance
  • Ability to integrate the system into the Apigee developer portal
  • Eliminated Boomi licensing cost

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