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Next-gen platform reliability engineering for Blockchain-DLT

Reliability engineering helps a digital financial services client smoothly migrate its legacy Blockchain-DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) platform and gain advanced automation coverage and patch delivery efficiencies.

A leading digital financial services company
Blockchain- DLT platform assurance with improved automation coverage
Tools and Technologies
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Docker, Terraform, Helm Charts, Microservices, Kotlin, Xray
Business Challenge

The client's legacy DLT platform did not support cloud capabilities with the Blockchain-DLT tech stack. The non-GUI (Graphic User Interface) and CLI (Command Line Interface)-based platform lacked the microservices architecture and cluster resilience.

The REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs-based platform did not support platform assurance validation at the backend. Automation coverage for legacy and newer versions of the products was very low. Support for delivery patches was insufficient, impacting the delivery of multiple versions of R3 products each month.


Iris developed multiple CorDapps to support automation around DLT-platform functionalities and enhanced the CLI-based & cluster utilities in the existing R3 automation framework.

The team implemented the test case management tool Xray to improve test automation coverage for legacy and newer versions of the Corda platform, enabling smooth and frequent patch deliveries every month.

The quality engineering process was streamlined for the team's Kanban board by modifying the workflows. Iris also introduced the ability to execute a testing suite that could run on a daily or as-needed basis for AKS, EKS, and Local MAC/ Windows/ Linux cluster environments.


The Blockchain-DLT reliability assurance solution enabled the client to attain:

  • Improved automation coverage of the DLT platform with 900 test cases with a pass rate of 96% in daily runs
  • Compatibility across AWS-EKS, Azure-AKS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and local clusters
  • Increased efficiency in deliverables with an annual $35K savings in the test case management area

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