Reflections on
‘a company that cares’

Our company’s support systems for Covid-impacted Irisians and their families have drawn an outpouring of appreciation on social media and elsewhere.

Sumiti Chawla

My family and I had tested Covid positive and during that time my friends, family and colleagues helped me in many ways, be it delivering medicines or food. My manager, colleagues and leaders from business units at Iris called and counseled me to stay positive, which made our recovery faster. Post our recovery, I decided to help our friends, family, colleagues and friends’ parents who were affected by Covid. I would wake up early in the morning and prepare food for Covid infected families who were staying alone. With help from various labs, myself and a few colleagues helped in arranging RT-PCR tests at doorstep in Delhi NCR, delivering medicines to 30+ families with full precautions, arranging oxygen cylinders or checking the availability of hospital beds.

Lakshya Mohan

I would like to express my gratitude towards all including the Iris team that went out of the way to help me during this period. The consistent message that I got from the Iris team was, “You just focus on your health, we will take care of everything else.” This gives you a lot of reassurance. I am lucky to be part of the Iris family.

Aarti Nabh

At the time when the pandemic was at its peak and the entire system seemed like collapsing, I got to know that my family also got infected with this virus and my dad’s health was deteriorating every minute.  I remember making that one call to the Facilities team at Iris for arranging an oxygen concentrator. To my surprise, it was arranged and delivered at my house within one hour.  I can't thank enough all my seniors and the Iris team for helping and supporting me during this hour of crisis. I so proudly share my experience with all my friends and family about Iris that stands with every employee. It's indeed a company that cares. I am obliged for life!

Navyata Shukla

‘Optimism is the madness of insisting that all is well when we are miserable.’ The past one month has been difficult not just for me but for everyone in the country. My family and I were among the fortunate ones, but people are still fighting, some for their lives and some for the lives of their loved ones.  With everything that has been happening, optimism was the only thing that kept us going. These unpredictable circumstances have made me realize a lot of things. One of that is the importance of being with your family, the power of which takes away half the stress automatically.  Another thing I realized was the literal meaning of Health is Wealth because it really is, and we should never ever take it for granted.  I am grateful to Iris and my team who were very supportive and empathetic. They asked me not to worry about work at all and focus completely on my health, which is what we all need from our organization at such a time. We all are going through very tough times, but we need to be hopeful not just for ourselves but for others as well.


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