Big Data platform improves global AML compliance

A multinational bank leverages big data platform to improve Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance and protect global clients and franchises from financial crimes.

A leading global bank with operations in over 100 countries
Address data quality and cost challenges of legacy AML application infrastructure
Technology Tools
Hadoop, Hive, Talend, Kafka, Spark, ETL
Business Challenge

The client’s legacy AML application infrastructure was leading to data acquisition, quality assurance, data processing, AML rules management and reporting challenges.

High data volume and rules-based algorithms were generating high numbers of false positives. Multiple instances of legacy vendor platforms were also adding to cost and complexity.


Iris developed and implemented multiple AML Trade Surveillance applications and Big Data capabilities. The team designed a centralized data hub with Cloudera Hadoop for AML business processes and migrated application data to the big data analytical platform in the client’s private cloud. Switching from a rule-based approach to algorithmic analytical models, we incorporated a data lake with logical layers and developed a metadata-driven data quality monitoring solution.

We enabled the support for AML model development, execution and testing/validation, and integration with case management. Our data experts also deployed a custom metadata management tool and UI to manage data quality. Data visualization and dashboards were implemented for alerts, monitoring performance, and tracking money laundering activities.


The implemented solution delivered tangible outcomes, including:

  • Centralized data hub capable of handling 100+ PB of data and ~5,000 users across 18 regional hubs for several countries
  • Ingestion of 30+ million transactions per day from different sources
  • Greater insights with scanning of 1.5+ Billion transactions every month
  • False positives reduced by over 30%
  • AML data storage cost reduced to <10 cents per GB per year
  • Extended support to multiple countries and business lines across six global regions; legacy instances reduced from 30+ to <10

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